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Loss of a Legend
Monday, July 30, 2007

On a said note in the world of the NFL Bill Walsh the creator of the West Coast office has died today of Leukemia. He was instrumental into building the San Fransisco 49Er's to 4 Superbowls in the 80's. I wanted to let everyone know that my thoughts and Prayers go out to the Walsh Family in there time of Morning. I am going to use this time for everyone to share there memories of the Great Coach.

May the Force be with you

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Politics and such
I am going to try another different format here. In now way am I supporting one party or the other. this is just an insight on what I think. The last eight years are country has been run by president that is like a dictator. I think that it is time for change. We have been fighting the war in Iraq and have only really accomplished getting rid of Saddam Hussin. What about the person that was the creator of the 9/11 terror attack. He is still in the mountains of Affganistan and we are not going after him? I feel that it is time for a change in the oval office. I would like to see someone with different views and ideas. I really dont have a choice yet on who I am going to vote for. I think that Hilary Clinton could be a good choose with O bama as her VP. But I still have to listen to the issues at hand.

May the force be with you.

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Harry Potter Book 7 Review/ My thoughts.
Saturday, July 28, 2007
OK this is going to have some spoilers in it so if you have not yet finishted. I am glad that she has finally brought some closer to the series. Even though she has left it open for another book I dont feel there will be. I like that this book kept me guessing and on the edge of my sit the whole time I was reading it. I felt the characters that she killed off was kept a great secret. I was really crushed that she killed Dobby. He was my favorite House Elf and I felt that he was going to be the one to help Harry Finish off Lord Voldermort. I was glad to see that Ron and Herimone and Neville Longbottom played a roll. I was also glad to see harry end up with Ginny and not the other person he had liked. I really wish she would of went into more detail about if Harry graduated from Hogwarts and who became Head Master. I feel this book was really great. I am looking foward to see where JR goes from here.

May Force be with you.

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Question for you all about the Simpsons
Thursday, July 26, 2007
I was watching the news this weekend and was wondering what the hype was about the Simpsons. I tried to watch it when I was like 12 and I could never get into it. Bart has been saying the same lines since the show started. Lisa is just a whiney baby and Homer is annoying and there is nobody that is that dumb. If anyone out there could help my realize what is up with it let me know. Because I dont have a freakin Clue.

My the Force be with you!

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Who is your Team
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

With My Pittsburg Steelers starting Training Camp I want to know who is your team, What are there Strentght and Weakness? Why you think they are going to win the superbowl.

As you have already known the Pittsburgh Steelers are my team. I have been a Steelers fan for a long time. My Uncle is a fan and that is how I became to like the team. I live and die by Steeler football. When they draft Ben Rothlisberger in 2002 it was a great pick up. He is going to be the leader of the team for the years to come.
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Barry Bonds Home Run Record, Tainted or not?
Friday, July 20, 2007

Barry Bonds is 2 home runs off Hank Aarons career home run record of 755. Is this record tainted? Or Not? My feeling is that it is nice to see records broken because this sets the standards of future generations. Should this record have an asterisk by it because of the supposedly use of steroids? In the 90's anabolic drug use and steroids use was not illegal, it does not make it right, but it was not illegal. It is nice to see high scoring baseball games and home runs verses low scoring pitchers duels. Since I am close to Chicago, and Barry played against the Cubs this week, if I would have paid $200 to see all four games thinking that the record would/could have been broken and Barry Bonds only played in one and hit 2 home runs I would of been furious. What are your thoughts on the record being broken and the use of drugs and steroids in the game of baseball?

May the force be with you, SportsDork36
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Lebron James, the Next Michael Jordan? NOT!

Lebron James is 6’7” man child. At 21 years old he has accomplished more in his life than most people can even dream. First and foremost, he was a superstar at the age of 15 and bound for the NBA. His senior year, he was national TV as a high school player, drove a $50, 000 hummer and was followed around by all the major sports news markets who were stating that he would be the next Michael Jordan. He was drafted out of high school for with the number one pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers and in 4 years the youngest player to ever lead his team to a NBA final. The reasons he is compared to Michael Jordan is the way he conducts himself on and off the court and knowing with the intelligence he can be the best. He was the first to ever sign a 90 million dollar contract with Nike. In turn to this Nike bought out Converse so that they could court him as King James. People in the media and in the world are comparing him to the great Michael Jordan, but there never will be another player with the drive to win of MJ. The reasons for the comparisons are Lebron sports the #23 and his flashy dunks. Reasons he will never be close to the great MJ, Michael at least went to college for 3 years and learned the game of basketball and skills of life that can never be taught by jumping to the NBA. MJ also has been to two Olympic games, 1984 in LA, won a gold medal and 1992 Spain which was part of the best team ever created. Whereas Lebron never has a chance to learn the team game of basketball and winning a NCAA Title, not to mention his youth and degree to fall back on. Lebron has had a chance to play on an Olympic team, but he never will have a chance to play with the greatest team ever assembled. Now I am a Lebron James fan, but there will never be another player that even comes close to touching the Great Michael Jeffery Jordan. If anyone disagrees, give me your thoughts, feelings, opinions…because I am going to argue my opinion til the day I die.

May the Force be with you, SportsDork36

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Fantasy Football Time

Being the Fantasy Football fan that I am looking for people to create a Fantasy Football league on that will be for fun. I am looking for some people to join as soon as I get enough people to commit I will send you all an reply. If you would like you can also send me your email at Looking forward to hearing from you.

May the Force me with you.
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Greatest Sports Moments
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sportsdork36 is in the House! It is time for a Q and A Survey. This is a question to everyone young and old. My Question to you is what is the Greatest Sports moment of All Time? I will let everyone that would like to post first and Will give my opinions.

Remember may the force be with you. Always.
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Madden is it really in the game?
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Knowing that Madden 2008 comes out here in a couple of weeks, I have wanted to post a question. In the Past maddens is everything in the game like the commercials say? I feel that madden is a great game. I love Franchise Mode, because I love building teams and taking them all the way back to square one with a new coach and add player via free agency, Draft and Trades to better the team. There are some negatives to the game. I feel that it is very easy to break records. It doesn’t have all the coaches. I also wish the scouting was more realistic. To Some them up I was able to set the rushing record, TD Passing Record, and the receiving record in one season in Madden 07, I know I will have to adjust the sliders in order for it to be competitive. I feel that with the scouting I want to watch the players perform instead of having me perform for them. Even though I am really looking forward to Madden 08 I would like to see some changes. Any suggestion on what will make the game better, what platform do you play the system on?

May the Force be with you!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Being a sports fan I am going with a Little Humor. I know this may set some people off. but read it it is true.

1. Radio was invented; Cub fans got to hear their team lose.

2. TV was invented; Cub fans got to see their team lose.

3. Baseball added 14 teams; Cub fans got to see AND hear their team lose to more teams.

4. George Burns celebrated his 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th,70th,
80th, 90th and 100th birthdays.

5. Halley's Comet passed Earth... twice.

6. Harry Caray was born... and died. Incredible, but true.

7. The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league.

8. Man landed on the moon, as have several home runs given up by Cubs

9. Sixteen US presidents were elected.

10. There were 11 amendments added to the Constitution.

11. Prohibition was created, and repealed.

12. The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, was discovered, and became the subject of major motion pictures... the latter giving Cub fans hope that something that finishes on the bottom can come out on top.

13. Wrigley Field was built and becomes the oldest park in the National

14. Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team's future World Series pennants. Those flag poles have since rusted and been taken down.

15. A combination of 40 summer & winter Olympics have been held.

16. Thirteen baseball players have won the Triple Crown; several thanked Cubs pitchers.

17. Bell bottoms came in style, went out of style, and came back in style.

18. The Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, and
Florida Marlins have ALL won the World Series.

19. The Cubs played 14,153 regular-season games; they lost the majority of them.

20. Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and New Mexico were added to the

May the Force be with you.
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Who is worse??
Friday, July 13, 2007

Enough is enough? How much can they get away with. Blowhan has 2 DUI's, caught with cocaine, oh, but it is ok, she is a movie star! And lets not forget about dear old Brit, America's Pop Princess, she can do it all, shave her head and wear no panties! And sweet old Paris! She can do no wrong! Only had to serve a good 23 days in jail, she is changed ya know! My ass! What happened to these girls that used to be beautiful? Was it the money? Was it the fame? I blame the parents, they all needed to be smacked at a young age. As a father of two little girls (and a son) I will have my kids on lock down! I know my wife may of been a bit wild, but I will definitely use one of my father in laws punishments that my wife HATED!! He would actually take her door off the hinges, no privacy! She said it was the worst punishment of all :) Maybe if those parents would of punished them more instead of handing them a credit card, they would not be the way they are today.

How do you punish your kids? What are your thoughts on Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears & Paris Hilton?

I wrote this for my wifey and her friends to have something to comment, love you.
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Parents to be held accountable?
My blog will not only be about sports, I will be writing about other things going on in the world. For any of the readers that are not in IL, you probably have not heard about the terrible tragedy of Katrina Kelly. She was a passenger in a car, going down a highway, when a cement block was thrown off of an over pass into her window and she was killed. The person who threw the block has been identified as a 14 year old boy. This happened at 1 am. What was a 14 year old child doing outside that late? This brought up a story on the news about IL passing a law that the parents being help responsible for their child's actions. In my opinion, to some extent, the parents should definitely be held responsible. On the other hand, that is a bit tricky, the child is old enough to know right from wrong and should be punish, but the parent should also have penalties as well. Why was this child not at home? Why was his parents not looking after him? What are your thoughts on this?
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