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NCAA All Americans!
Monday, March 31, 2008
First Team
Tyler Hansbrough - North Carolina
Michael Beasley - Kansas State
Kevin Love - UCLA
D.J. Augustin - Texas
Chris Douglas-Roberts - Texas

Second Team
Luke Harangody - Norte Dame
Shan Foster- Vanderbilt
D.J. White - Indiana
Roy Hibbert - Georgetown
Stephen Curry - Davidson

3rd Team
Chris Lofton - Tennesse
Darren Collison - UCLA
Brook Lopez - Stanford
Derrick Rose - Memphis
Eric Gordon - Indiana

I Cannot believe there is not one senior on the first team. All of them on the second team. Plus, preseason all american Drew Neitzel - Michigan State was left off the American team.

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MLB: Let the Games begin!
Sunday, March 30, 2008
The 2008 Major League Baseball season could be a really interesting one. The are many questions flying around about many different things in the league. Will this be the year that he Chicago Cubs end the curse? What team will Barry Bonds end up on? Can the New York Yankees win with A Rod? How will Joe Torre do in Los Angeles? That is just to name a few that I will be giving you answers to in the next week. I myself think that the Yankees are going to win it all again. They have retooled there pitching staff with young arms, but still have veteran leadership to take them to the promise land.

My World Series predication is going to be the Chicago Cubs vs. the New York Yankees. With the Yankees winning in 6 and closing the door of Yankee Stadium in style.

May the force be with you!

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NCAA: All Tourney Weekend 1.
Monday, March 24, 2008
After the first weekend what players did you think are worthy of of being on the All Tourney Team Weekend 1? I am not going to pick them by the players I expected to play well, but I will pick them by the players that out shined everyone else on the court.

1st team.
1. Stephen Curry- Davidson
2. Derrick Rose- Memphis
3. Courtney Lee- Western Kentucky
4.Brook Lopez- Standford
5. Michael Beasley- Kansas State.

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Let the Games Begin.
Friday, March 21, 2008
What a first day of the tournament. The first set of games were all blow outs. The night cap was fun to watch. The first game I watch that I was really looking forward to being a good game was the Kansas St vs USC. OJ Mayo vs. Michael Beasley, what a match up it was too. Even though Beasley had 2 fouls quick in the first half, he still out shined Mayo. I fell that Mayo is over rated. he needs to stay in college at least another year or two. Beasley is the real deal. He can shoot, rebound, and get his team involved.

Is there any game that you out there where really impressed with in turn or not impressed with and why?

May the Force be with you.

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NCAA: Yahoo Group.
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Hello everyone this is my group.

Group: Sports Dirt and More

Group ID: 137832

May the Force be with!

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Boxer turners WWE Wrestler
Saturday, March 15, 2008
In a couple of weeks at Wrestlemania 24 boxer Floyd MayWeather Jr, will step in to the Wrestling ring against the 7 foot 1, 430 pound giant "The Big Show". I know that Wrestling is a written Script, but how far do these two really take it. Mayweather has already broken the Shows nose. Mayweather is also getting sum of 20 million dollars for the the appearance. Whe does fake become real. Is Mayweather going to work the crowd a little, while the big show chases him around the ring? Or will the Show lay him out cold?

I feel that nobody that has not wrestled before is worth 20 million dollars. I think that if they do make this even close to the main event, Vince McMahon is out of his mind. I would rather see the Rock come back and work the crowd than a boxer that is going to get is Ass beat by the golden boy Oscar De La Hoya in there next fight.

What is everyone Else's thoughts and opinions?

May the force be with you!

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Buying Tickets for the Big Game!
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Hello Everyone out there. Looking for tickets to the Big Games. Basketball, Baseball, Concerts. Check out the Stub Hub. The Greatest deals that you can get are at Stub Hub.

Get Great Tickets on!

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ESPN: Greatest Shooting Guards of all time!
As I was going through the sports news yesterday, I came across a poll at of the NBA Greatest Shooting Guards of all time. I would have to agree with the number one over all, I have some real arguments about the number 2. Here is the list of the top ten

10. Joe Dumars
9. Earl Monroe
8. "Pistol" Pete maravich
7. Reggie Miller
6. Clyde Drexler
5. Allen Iverson
4. George Gervin
3. Jerry West
2. Kobe Bryant
1. Michael Jordan

How can Kobe Byryant be rated number 2 and Reggie Miller and Clyde Drexler. I do not feel Kobe belongs in the top ten. Any one else out there that have any thoughts on this?

May the Force be with you

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NCAA basketball: It is Dancing Time.
Monday, March 10, 2008
One week from today the NCAA Brackets be ready for people to fill out. Money will be changing hands and the offices pools will be hot. I am going to run a bracket on for anyone that is interested. It will be free and it will be for bragging Rights. The more people that enter the better. So that I can get a tally on the number of people, please leave a comment if you are interested. I will post the Group Name and the password next Sunday Night. The more people I get the better.

Secondly, Going in with the NCAA what Teams does everyone think going to be number one seeds? Plus of the 4 which ones will not make it to the Final Four?

My Final Four Picks

1. Memphis
3. North Carolina
4. Kansas

The only 2 of the 4 will make it to the final four. North Carolina and Memphis. They will not play in the championship game. Stay Tuned and join the group to find out what other picks I make.

May the Force be with you.

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posted by SportsDork36 @ 1:45 PM   2 comments
It is MLB Time!
Friday, March 7, 2008
Hello Sports fans. I am predicting it now this is the year of the New York Yankees. They have a lethal lineup. Plus, if there starting pitching is good they will win 100 games. Like I said you heard it hear first. The Yankees will win 100 games and the world series. I am also going to start polling now for George Steinbrenner for President and Derek Jeter for MVP. One last thought, The Boston Red Sox's Suck.

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Happy Birthbady Ben Roehtlisberger.
Monday, March 3, 2008
Ben Roethlisberger turned 26 on March 2nd got a nice Birthday present from the Pittsburgh Steelers. He got a new contract for 102 million over the next 8 years and a upfront guarantee of 36 million dollars. I am glad to the Steelers final give someone some money to keep him instead of doing the Rebuilding think. In my Eyes Big Ben is the Face of the New Steelers Generations. He is going to lead them to the Promise Land once again.

May the Force be with.

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