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Lebron James, the Next Michael Jordan? NOT!
Friday, July 20, 2007

Lebron James is 6’7” man child. At 21 years old he has accomplished more in his life than most people can even dream. First and foremost, he was a superstar at the age of 15 and bound for the NBA. His senior year, he was national TV as a high school player, drove a $50, 000 hummer and was followed around by all the major sports news markets who were stating that he would be the next Michael Jordan. He was drafted out of high school for with the number one pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers and in 4 years the youngest player to ever lead his team to a NBA final. The reasons he is compared to Michael Jordan is the way he conducts himself on and off the court and knowing with the intelligence he can be the best. He was the first to ever sign a 90 million dollar contract with Nike. In turn to this Nike bought out Converse so that they could court him as King James. People in the media and in the world are comparing him to the great Michael Jordan, but there never will be another player with the drive to win of MJ. The reasons for the comparisons are Lebron sports the #23 and his flashy dunks. Reasons he will never be close to the great MJ, Michael at least went to college for 3 years and learned the game of basketball and skills of life that can never be taught by jumping to the NBA. MJ also has been to two Olympic games, 1984 in LA, won a gold medal and 1992 Spain which was part of the best team ever created. Whereas Lebron never has a chance to learn the team game of basketball and winning a NCAA Title, not to mention his youth and degree to fall back on. Lebron has had a chance to play on an Olympic team, but he never will have a chance to play with the greatest team ever assembled. Now I am a Lebron James fan, but there will never be another player that even comes close to touching the Great Michael Jeffery Jordan. If anyone disagrees, give me your thoughts, feelings, opinions…because I am going to argue my opinion til the day I die.

May the Force be with you, SportsDork36

posted by SportsDork36 @ 8:11 PM  
  • At July 23, 2007 at 10:22 PM, Anonymous SportsDorksWifey36 said…

    I pity the fool who tries to argue with you on this subject, lmao. No one with come close to touching the Great MJ.

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