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Parents to be held accountable?
Friday, July 13, 2007
My blog will not only be about sports, I will be writing about other things going on in the world. For any of the readers that are not in IL, you probably have not heard about the terrible tragedy of Katrina Kelly. She was a passenger in a car, going down a highway, when a cement block was thrown off of an over pass into her window and she was killed. The person who threw the block has been identified as a 14 year old boy. This happened at 1 am. What was a 14 year old child doing outside that late? This brought up a story on the news about IL passing a law that the parents being help responsible for their child's actions. In my opinion, to some extent, the parents should definitely be held responsible. On the other hand, that is a bit tricky, the child is old enough to know right from wrong and should be punish, but the parent should also have penalties as well. Why was this child not at home? Why was his parents not looking after him? What are your thoughts on this?
posted by SportsDork36 @ 9:44 PM  
  • At July 25, 2007 at 11:37 PM, Anonymous SportsDorksWifey36 said…

    If this kid admits/or there is definitely prof he did this, he should be in that junvinile jail until he is 18/21 whatever the age is, then I do not think he should be off the hook, I think he should do jail time for a good amount of time after that. He took a person's life. Im sure he did not mean to kill someone, it was his SICK way of a joke. But that is no excuse. As for his parents, in this case, he should of been home in bed, and he was not, they should of known he was missing. I honestly think some type of jail time should be considered for the parents. The news were talking about fines and community services for parents. In this case, I do not think it is enough. A life was taken. On the other hand, I would be devested if my child were to sneak out of the house and do something like that for a prank thinking it would be funny, and in return, I go to jail. But I highly doubt these parents were watching, mentoring their child in the first place or else this incident would not of happened.

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