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Sport Dirt Vol 2: O.J. confeesed to killing Ex-Wife!
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Former OJ Simpson Attorney and Friend Mike Gilbert, states that Simpson confessed to murdering his ex wife weeks after he was found not guilty. Gilbert stated that they were setting around O.J's hours and he said he went to the door not with the intent to kill her and she would still be alive if Nicole would not of brought the knife to the door with him.

Gilbert also stated in his up and coming book he told the Juice to quit taking his arthritis medicine so that his hands would swell, leading to the famous line in the trail by Johnny Cochran "If the Glove Don't Fit! You Must acquit." Why would a man like this want to help OJ. He is in it for the Money.

What is are country coming to? This shows that if you have money you can get away with anything. It is not fair! Does anyone out there feel that we should retry OJ for the Murder? I would really like to let Ron Goldman to be in a room with OJ alone and do what ever he wanted! Don't anyone else agree?

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Top 10 Sex Mistakes Women Make!
From they have posted the top 10 mistakes women make.

1. Trading in Marilyn for Mommy
2. Being unresponsive in the Sack
3. Forgetting to stay feminine
4. Judging his porn pleasuring
5. Being afraid to talk dirty
6. Being unable to own your body
7. Trash-talking other women
8. Assuming you'll be monogamous
9. Ignoring his nipples
10. Using too much teeth

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Yankees fan takes Offense to Yank's Suck Comments
Saturday, May 10, 2008
Die Hard New York Yankee fan Ivonne Hernandez is being charged with reckless second degree murder, aggravated driving while intoxicated and two counts of reckless conduct. Harnandez was in a bar full of Red Sox fans, when a couple of guys at the bar started heckling her. She got up and left and the guys kept at her and she got in her car and proceeded to leave and backed into the guys to give the a scare. One of the guys flew 48 feet in the air and the other suffered minor injuries after getting hit. She is being held with out bail.

When does heckling go to far? I feel that this is way to to far to kill someone over. Does anyone out there have any other Heckling stories that they have seen go far?

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Hollywood Hulk Hogan Son Jailed for 8 months
Friday, May 9, 2008
Nick Hogan, son of WWE Wrestler Hulk Hogan was sentenced today to 8 months in prison and 5 years probation for driving recklessly and crashing his car. His passenger in the car is paralyzed for the rest of his life. The accident occurred when Nick Hogan decided to get behind the wheel and drive at a high rate of speed, after a night of drinking. He faced up to 8 years in jail for driving recklessly, a blood alcohol level of .02, and underage consumption of Alcohol.

If this would of been me I would have gone to prison for 8 years. But, since his dad has money he was able to get off with a slap on the hand. What makes this fair? I was young and stupid once too. Why Should he get off with that? I think that he should have to do hard time. It is not fair that since he has money he can get off. I don't think he deserves to ever get his license back. What are your thoughts? Am I being to Harsh?

Here are some of the pictures of the car

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NBA:THis and that.
After putting some serious thought into this over the past couple of days, I have put together what I feel would be the NBA Dream Team. I also have come up with the list of player that are already in the NBA and the Players in the draft that I would draft to Start my team and rebuild my team.

1st team

F. Kevin Garrett
F. Lebron James
C. Shaq Oneal
G. Kobe Bryant
G. Chris Paul

NBA Upcoming Players

F. Michael Beasley
F. Brandon Rush
C. Kevin Love
G. OJ Mayo
G. Derrick Rose

NBA Team I would like to see

F. Lebron James
F. Michael Beasley
C. Shaq Oneal
G. Kobe Bryant
G. Deron Williams

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2008 NBA MVP is!
Monday, May 5, 2008
I heard on Espn Radio over the weekend that Kobe Bryant won the MVP or as the Chicago Bulls Super Fans called it in the 90's the Michael Vice President. What did Kobe do that Lebron James, Kevin Garrett, or even Chris Paul did not do? Kobe is on a team that has great roll players, Chris Paul has a good cast and so does Kevin Garrett. But who other than Lebron James do the Cleveland Cav's have? If you took Lebron off of the Cav's they are not a playoff team. If you took Kobe off the Lakers they could still be a playoff team. So in my mind I do not feel that he deserves it.

I would like to know what everyone out there thinks?

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The Jordan Rules!
Friday, May 2, 2008
As I am sitting here trying to find something interesting to write about, I come across an article about my main man Michael Jordan. In the late 1980's the Detroit Pistons got tired of be torched by mike for 49,47,61, and 49 points that Chuck Daily had told his team that when Jordan gets the ball go after him. No matter what it takes. This did work until Jordan got Scottie Pippen. Daily decided that they would try to stop Pippen and Jordan lit them up for 59 points.

Fast forward to now. Do you think any team has a game plan to do this verse any players from today? I feel that none of the players of today players play at a level that Michael Jordan plays at. Jordan could due with the jump shot or he was going to dunk on you. He also brought his game to a new level with his outstanding defense.

What does everyone else think?

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