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Unlucky Week 13 in the NFL.
Thursday, November 29, 2007
First off I would like to send my condolences to the family of Shaun Taylor of the Washington Redskins. I hate to see someone lose there life at defending there own home. So this week my MVP for this week. I cannot pick games at all. I went 2 wins and 3 loses. I am now 26 wins and 34 loses. I can still make ends meet. I am also going to pose a question. Out of the teams that are in the playoffs now which will not make it and of the teams that are 4 and 6 will make? I will give my Answer after this weekends games.

Week 13

Steelers over Bangles
Rams over Falcons
Jags over Colts
Chiefs over Chargers

Upset of the week

Dolphins over Jets.

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Chicago has finally found the next great 23!!!
Monday, November 26, 2007
The Chicago Cubs had Ryne Sandberg, The Chicago Bulls had the most Famous 23 of all time, Michael Jordan. Now there is a new Hero in town. He is not a QB or a RB but a Kick off/Punt Return Devin Hester. This man is absolutely amazing. He is the next coming on Michael Jordan. He wears the same number and he does things on the field that no one else can do. He has even stunned the best kick off/Punt returner of all time Deion Sanders. Deion has said that he is the new Prime Time and is better than Him. That is amazing. To come from a man who thought he was the best of all time. So what do you think? Is he better or not? Can he make a play at being at a level of the great MJ?

May the Force be with you!!

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NCAA Football Round up.
Friday, November 23, 2007
The BCS Bowl games are going to be picked here in a couple of weeks. There is only two teams that are still undefeated. Hawaii and Kansas. But that doesn't mean anything to the computer that will set the national championship game. Kansas has it toughest test of the season when they play a 9 and 1 Missouri team, with the winner going to the Big 12 title game. Hawaii really has not played any competition so they will not be in. I would love to see the game as it could be a surprised to everyone.

I am really looking forward to the games coming up in December and January. I love watching the conference Championship games. With these games you get to see players actually trying to play hard for the love of the game. These kids are playing to prove they are good enough to be in the NFL. Here are bcs match up's I want to see:

Rose Bowl:
Illinois vs USC
Sugar Bowl:
Georgia vs Hawaii
Fiesta Bowl:
Kansas vs West Virgina
Orange Bowl:
Oregon vs Texas
National Championship Game:
Ohio St vs LSU

These are not the games that are showing, these are the ones I want to see.What teams do you want to see play in the BCS Games? Would you watch Hawaii and Kansas if they were both undefeated.

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Welcome to Week 12 a Turkey Day Special!
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving to all you in the sports world. I hope you enjoy the mid afternoon Nap after eating turkey. I am still doing really bad, but I have 5 weeks to go over the top. I went 2 and 3 last week bringing my overall record to 24 wins and 31 loses. So this week is the time to play catch up. MVP for week 11 Randy Moss. 4 touch downs in a half is amazing.

Week 12 picks
Giants over Vikings
Lions over Packers
Steelers over Dolphins
Panthers over Saints

Upset of the Week

Jets and Cowboys.

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A Rod can now add the intials MVP to his list.
Monday, November 19, 2007
The American League MVP winner is: Alex Rodriguez. This is a man that plays well in the regular season and cannot do anything in the post season. If rumors are true he will end his career in the Bronx. He will be the all time home run leader and maybe he can have the most home runs in a season. He will also help bring another title to Yankee town. If A Rod does not sign his deal what team do you see him playing for? why?

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To all the Yankee Haters!!
Friday, November 16, 2007
Even though I do not agree with it the Yankees have brought back A Rod. I really hope he gets out of his post season slum. Now also I am hearing that they are bringing Mike Lowell to make him a first base and also trying to make a run at some pitching. I want to know you heard it here first! The Yankees will be back in the driver seat in 2008 and win the World Series.

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NFL Week 11 Picks!!!
I had a really bad week 2 wins and 3 loses bringing my total to 22 wins and 28 Loses. I really need to make a hugh come back this week and the rest of the year. My Sympathy goes out to the Minnesota Viking fans who lost there best running back and my pick of Rookie of the year Adrian Peterson for the rest of the year. My MVP this week is Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. For the great 2nd have game versus Clevland.

NFL Week 11
Lions over Giants
Saints over Texans
Eagles over dolphins
Patriots over Bills

Upset of the week
Redskins over Cowboys

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Movie Review: SiCKO
Thursday, November 15, 2007

After watching Micheal Moore's other two movies, I decided that it was time to look into his next one. What I like about the first two is that he is not scared to express his thoughts and feelings. I love how he really does his research. Some things I do not agree with him on, but I feel his side is showing the bad and negative of America. In Fahrenheit 9/11 he portrayed that the President of are country aided to the attacks on 9/11. He lays it on the line and is not scared to tell the people who it is.

Sicko really hit home because I have seen how healthcare is in America. Why is it fair for Canada, England and France to charge nothing for healthcare and they are getting better care. I would much rather pay higher taxes to get better care. Plus they are getting free prescriptions, that would really put money back in my pocket. Also, in Cuba, a communist country, they are receiving better heathcare than in the US and it is free. How long is America go to keep giving in to these money eaters? What would you do if a member of your family got sick and was denied care cause they were out of coverage?

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Memo To all NFL Fans!!!!
Monday, November 12, 2007
When: December 9th

Where: Gillette Stadium

Who: Pittsburgh Steelers VS. New England Patriots

Time: 3:15 pm


You heard it here first. The mighty Steelers, lead by QB Ben Roethlisberger, will run over the undefeated New England Patriots. Tom Brady is going to see a pass rush that he has never seen before. Randy Moss, is going to be locked down. Big Ben with throw for more than 3 touchdown passes. New England wont know what hit them.

So I am letting you know now, get your Terrible Towel out and Jump on the Bus, cause we are going to the Superbowl. Anyone else have any objections?

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Playing Not to Lose, “Can I get a definition please?”
As I watched football I heard the commentator’s use the term playing not to lose. This made me wonder, what are they talking about? I have seen team that look like they are playing against the clock, but never are playing to lose the game. I did a search on it on and found that it means to play conservatively when you have a lead in a game. I feel there could be more meaning to that term. I think that the meaning could be you know that you have a good team, but you as a coach are holding them out of playing up to the teams full capability.

I feel that if you are as competitive as I am you play the game to win all of the time. I feel that teams that play not to lose, could face a greater team and they are going to get run off the field. Playing to lose is not a good way to teach a team. If you tell a team ok we are going to play not to lose, I feel that your telling them we are not very good so we are going to go out here and prove that we are not and if we win good, if we lose that is ok too. No I hope my son is never taught that we are playing not to lose, instead I would like him to be taught that you go and give it your all and lose it is ok.

So there are my thoughts on playing not to lose. What do you think?

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NFL Week 10 Picks!
Friday, November 9, 2007
Seven weeks of the Season left and there is still One team that is Undefeated. The New England Patriots played a sluggish game last week and still one. I give my props to them for having 140 plus penalty yards and they are still able to pull out the Win. Now the Question come can they pull out an undefeated season? I do not think they can. Remember I said it first here, in the week 10 pick that on December 9th, when the Pittsburgh Steelers go to New England, the Patriots will lose there first game of the season. That WILL be my upset for that week.

I know it is a little past mid season, but I am going to give my mid season MVP, The winner if the season ended today is Randy Moss of the New England Patriots. If the Pittsburgh Steelers would of been 8 and 0 instead of 6 and 2 the mid season MVP would be Ben Roethlisberger. Shot out to the Week 9 MVP Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, Set the all time Rushing record with 296 yards in one game. I had a pretty good week last week going 3 wins and 2 loses bringing my overall record too 20 wins and 25

Week 10 Picks

Redskins over Eagles
Giants over Cowboys
Chargers over Colts
Steelers over Browns

Upset of the week
Vikings over Packers

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Torre: One Storied Franchise to another !!
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Joe Torre was introduced as the Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. I would like to congratulate him on moving from one powered franchise on the East coast to the Yankee like team in the National, on the west coast. I believe he will bring a World Series ring to LA.He is bring along Mr Yankee, Don Mattingly as his hitting coach and Larry Bowa will either become his bench coach or third base coach. Can Joe win world series with the Dodgers as he has in New York? Will he get the same payroll and talent? What is everyone expectation on how well he will do?

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NCAA: My Bet with a Co-Worker
I am going out on a limb here but I have made a 5 dollar bet that the University of Illinois does not win more than 22 games in the regular season. I do think they are a well coached team, but they are young and do not have the experience that it takes to get over the top. Coach Weber is an OK Coach, My question is does he have what it takes to get them over the top? What big time recruit do they have to lead them. If someone steps up then maybe they have a shot. But who steps up? Do you think I am Stupid for making the bet? if you were to guess how many wins do you feel that Illinois will have?

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Does Charlie Weis need to be fired!
Monday, November 5, 2007
Notre Dame loses to Navy for the first time in 40 some years over the weekend. This now brings there record to 1 win and 8 loses. Should they say bye bye to Coach Weis the same way they did to Bob Davie and Tyrone Willingham? He is starting to approach the total loss record that sealed the fate of both of the former coaches. Coach Weis brought ND out of it funk with Willingham's recruits. Is he having the season that he is having because the shelf was left so empty? Does this show he cannot recruit? He was able to nab the number one QB in the nation and has gotten alot of blue chip recruits. I feel they should give him a couple of more years and if he keeps losing it is time for him to go. Do I have any Notre Dame fans out there that feel he should be fired? How long would you give him if he keeps losing? Who's fault is it that ND is not winning?

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Welcome to Week 9!!
Friday, November 2, 2007
I need some serious help to get out of the funk I am in. Last week I went 3 and 2, bring my over all record to 18 and 23. I really need some luck this week. The Game of the week is the Patriots and the Colts. Even though I do not like either team I will be watching the game. MVP For week 8 is Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints. He final has the team back on track.

Week 8 Picks

Patriots OVer Colts

Steelers OVer Ravens

Packers OVer Chiefs

Cardinals Over Bucs

Upset of the week

Raiders over Texans.

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