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MLB Thoughts and My Opinions.
Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baseball coming down to the final month of season and this is where it gets interesting. There are still lots of questions that I am asking my can the Cubs win the NL Central? Can the Yankees catch the Red Sox? How does a team lose 30 to 3. I don’t ask myself that every year but after seeing that score I thought I would throw that in. I also like to think who is going to win MVP and CY Young of both Leagues. Who is going to win the gold gloves? I know I wonder about a lot, but that is what makes this time of the year fun. Baseball is such a long season so for me I think the season really begins after the all-star break. The reason this is when the races get fun. The trade deadline is upon us and teams are trying to get other teams better players to make a solid run at the World Series.

As you can see there is two divisions that I am mainly following the AL East. Because the New York Yankees are my team. And the NL Central and the reason is being from Illinois and already stating wait until next year with the Cubs, they have come back to surprise me. Even though I am a Yankee fan I would like to see the Cubs finally break the curse and make it to the World Series and win it this year. Now that I have given you my thoughts it is time for another survey. Who are your team or teams that you think can make it to the playoff and in turn who will win the world series? Below I have listed the Odds of the teams winning the world series. You can also put in there who you think will be this years MVP for both League’s. I am going to throw one name in the hat. Barry Bonds NL MVP. You ask why because he is still putting up extraordinary number for someone that is in there 40’s.

These betting odds and more can be found at
Arizona Diamondbacks 30-1
Atlanta Braves 15-1
Baltimore Orioles 100-1
Boston Red Sox 6-1
Chicago Cubs 12-1
Chicago White Sox 35-1
Cincinnati Reds 50-1
Cleveland Indians 15-1
Colorado Rockies 50-1
Detroit Tigers 12-1
Florida Marlins 30-1
Houston Astros 60-1
Kansas City Royals 300-1
Los Angeles Angels 9-1
Los Angeles Dodgers 13-1
Milwaukee Brewers 30-1
Minnesota Twins 18-1
New York Mets 6-1
New York Yankees 11-2
Oakland Athletics 25-1
Philadelphia Phillies 25-1
Pittsburgh Pirates 100-1
San Diego Padres 20-1
San Francisco Giants 100-1
Seattle Mariners 80-1
St. Louis Cardinals 15-1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 300-1
Texas Rangers 50-1
Toronto Blue Jays 25-1
Washington Nationals 1000-1
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