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Star Wars: Business World theory!
Sunday, August 12, 2007

As I watched Stars Wars the Revenge of the Sith for the 100th time last week with my son, I got to thinking on how the movie is like the working world of today. I just think that the movie, even from the Return of the Sith to Revenge mirrors what is going on in everyday life. Anakin for example in the first movie is the person just entering the work world with the fear, that leads to anger, that leads to hate, that leads to suffering, that leads to the dark side of the force. The Jedi Council are considers the co workers that have been there forever and are trying everything they can to better the workers around them. The Emperor aka the sith lord is Head supervisor and his apprentice would be anyone that would agree with his ways and help implement them. He is one that would do anything for the emperor so that he could get ahead.

So Anakin starts out at the company Slacker Productions. In the first couple of weeks he shows that he could be going places fast. He has a thing for learning and picking up the way things work fast. But, he still has the fear in him that everybody is out to get him. After about 3 months of work he gets new hours and start to work with a team that is the best of the best and all are team players, work hard at there jobs and love what they do. The team brings him in as one of there own, but there is one member that just doesn’t feel something right about young Anakin. He says that he feels fear in him, meaning that he feels that young a Anakin is ahead of the game, but is not willing to take the bull by the horns and go with it. He has become a little of a follower. He as thinks that young Anakin can be easily persuaded.

As time goes on Anakin fits in to this team well and he learns the ways of the business, aka the force and is up for a promotion. Anakin goes in front of his team and they ask him to sell himself. He sells it well and is a few points off of were he needs to be. What he lakes is responsibility, in turn if he breaks something he is always fast to not own up to his mistakes in fear that it will not get him were he wants to be. So his team decided not to make him a master and has another project for him. This project is only to be done by masters, but since young Anakin has become of favorite of his supervisor they think he could report back them his wrong doing’s so that they can go above his head and get new leadership in, because there has be issues going on for a long time that they tried to get made right, but were punished. Even though this team is the strong team and is working really will together and get things done, there boss’s always held it against them and used threat because they got along so good.

Anakin accepts the job of trying to find out what is going on with the supervisor and what he is going to do next. But, Anakin slips and tells him what they wanted him to do and the boss turns and tells him of the plans to weed each one of them out one by one anyway he could. He let them know that if he helped them out he would become a strong asset to the company. The supervisor lets Anakin know that if he helps them he could become the head supervisor of that team and they could go on and make the department one big team no side teams and they would make the place better. Anakin went and let his team lead Mace know what was going down. Mace told Anakin to stay in his office he would be right back. Anakin did not listen and the deal was already on the table. The head supervisor had been named director and as Mace walked in the room fired him on the spot and as Anakin walked in the room he the new supervisor of that department. The new director had now has fired everybody except 3 people from that team. One because he was just about to retire so he moved him to manager of receiving the other because he had family that worked in different departments that were also directors. So he moved him to mail room clerk. He also made that department one big department and Anakin was the Head Supervisor. Ob-1 and Anakin did get into before Ob-1 went to the mail room OB-1 took away all the ideas and plans that they had on paper and never told Anakin about the plans.

As you can see I have made up a star wars theory from the really business world. There is no truth to the plot it was an example that I have come up with. This is were I pose the question to all my readers out there. Can the Star Wars” Theory work in the world of Sport? Such as the NBA, NFL or even the MLB. I would like your thoughts and comments.

May the force be with you


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