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NFL My PIck's for the upcoming season.
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Teams Wins Loses
**Pittsburgh 12 - 4
*Baltimore 11 - 5
Clevland 9 - 7
Cincinnati 8 - 8

Reasons: Not just because I am a steelers fan am I picking them to win the North. I think out of all 4 teams they have the best all around team. I do think that Baltimore is going to give them a run for there money. Clevland is going to have a good ball club but they are young at QB again and that will hurt them. Cincinnati has lost to much to the criminal court system.

Teams Wins Loses
**New England 13 - 3
New York 11 - 5
Buffalo 10 - 6
Miami 7 - 9

Reasons: New England is Loaded. I think they now have the offensive that is going to score a lot of points. there defense is always good. New York has a ok running game and defense but they have some weak points at wide reciever. Buffalo all the pices on defense are young but they may surprise some teams. Miami doesnt have a thing they are too old.
Teams Wins Loses
**Tennessee 12 - 4
*Indianpolis 12 - 4
Jacksonville 6 - 10
Houston 5 - 11

Reasons:This division will be one of the best in Football. I think Tennesse is still young but there coach is really good and they have the rit fit on offense and defense. Indianpois will make back to the playoffs but they wont go far defense is weak. Jacksonville does not have a great QB that stay's health. Houston is still a year or two off from being a great team.
Teams Wins Loses
**San Diego 12 - 4
Denver 9 - 7
Kansas City 6 - 10
Oakland 5 - 11

Reasons: San Diego is everyone's pick to go to the Super Bowl. They are returning alot of great players. But, they have a new coach that could play a factor. Denver is going to be strong but they are getting old and don't have a great running game. Kansas City is in Disarray at QB and they defense is questionable. Oakland is just to old they have another year of rebuilding.

Teams Wins Loses
**Chicago 12 - 4
*Green Bay 11 - 5
Detriot 9 - 7
Minnesota 4 - 12

Reasons: The Bears are bringing Everybody back and the only weak position is running back if cedric Benson gets hurt. Green bay will have a good team but they do not have a running game and there Offensive line is questionable. Detriot no reliablity at QB and there weak on defense. Minnesota has lots of questions on both sides of the ball.

Teams Wins Loses
**Philly 12 - 4
*New York 11 - 5
Washington 6 - 10
Dallas 7 - 9

Reasons: If McNabb stays health they could end up representing the NFC in the Superbowl. There defense is good and they have great weapons on offense. The Giants have to the pieces but are questionable on the defense line and running game. Washington is my sleeper, they are a young team. Dallas is old and the only thing that got going for them is Tony Romo.

Teams Wins Loses
**New Orleans 13 - 3
Carolina 11 - 5
Tampa Bay 5 - 11
Atlanta 3 - 10

Reasons: New Orleans has a one two punch at running back and there defense is weak. Carolina is a good team but they are getting older they could surprise some people. Tampa Bay has a good defense but they are going to be hurting on offense with Garica as there QB. Then there is Atlanta. Were do I start. New Coach, No Mike Vick and Joey Harrington at QB do I say more.

Teams Wins Loses
**San Fran 11 - 5
Arizona 11 - 5
St Louis 5 - 11
Seattle 4 - 12

Reasons: San Fran is going to be riding on the tails of the death of Bill Walsh. I think they will have success this year. They are young but they could surprinse some teams. Arizona is weak on defense but they have a great offense with a good coach that should take them to a good record. St Louis is going to be in rebuilding mood I feel and it is going to take some time to get back to being great. Seattle will be hit with the injury bug I feel.

New England Vs. Philly

Champ: New England. MVP Randy Moss Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.
posted by SportsDork36 @ 1:00 PM  
  • At August 15, 2007 at 9:36 PM, Blogger Sandman7 said…

    This is A looooong shot because you ahve to remember J E T S!!!!!!

    Jets, Jets, Jets my predicton Jets and Bears in the Superbowl BEcause your Steelers are gonna choke again

  • At August 21, 2007 at 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think your predictions are off. ALOT. Dallas 4-10. Don't think so. They will be 2nd in the NFC East. Also, Farve does not have the team to go 11-5. Try again slacker. What is this crap about San Fran going 11-5. I think Seattle is a little better than 4-12 and think they still own that division. Get out from under the bosses desk and check your stats again. Lets compare that at the end of the season and see how off you were.

  • At August 21, 2007 at 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh and another thing!!!!! Indy will take the division again, and Pittsburg will not take their division. Baltimore is way too tough. We might see a rematch Super Bowl again (Eagles vs. Pats) but look for the Eagles to get revenge and take out the Pats once and for all.

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