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Competition Good or Bad?
Saturday, August 25, 2007
Competition Good or Bad.

1. The act of competing, as for profit or a prize; rivalry.
2. A test of skill or ability; a contest.
3. Rivalry between two or more businesses striving for the same customer or market.

As I sit here to try to think of another issue to write about, I began to ask myself what is competition? The reason I was wondering is because I was reading a couple other blogs about how families compete/friends compete against each with Christmas and birthdays and other things. This reminds me of the Gatorade commercial to the Song anything you can do I can do better. It drives me insane. In today’s society everything that is seen is about out doing someone else. It makes me sick. People cannot just set down and have fun anymore. There always has to be about how I am going to out do you. This is also the case with the athletes today. Michael Jordan had a drive to compete so much he would make bets on golf games, to gambling in the casinos to help that edge. Mike Vick went as far as running a Dog fighting group to desire his edge. Check on my feeling to Mick Vick in a previous Post Mike Vick Jail Bird instead of Dirty Bird. What does this tell today’s youth? Does this tell them do anything you can to win at what you are doing no matter who gets hurt. I don’t think so competition should be for fun. It should show kids that you can achieve what you want if you compete hard and give your best. Everyone should be showed how to make competition fun. If your are not having fun than it is not worth it.

In closing Competition can be fun if you make it that way. I myself like to compete at a high level. But I don’t get out of control and let it get the best of me. I think that if anyone should teach the youth good competition it should come from there parents. If there parents don’t know or are bad losers that it will reflect the outcome of there child. Like I said if you are competing remember it is just a game and when it is all said and done no body is Perfect. Until Next time.

May the force be with you!

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posted by SportsDork36 @ 6:45 PM  
  • At August 25, 2007 at 7:12 PM, Blogger Sleeping Beauty said…

    Competition should be healthy. It should only be in sports and in the workforce and in grades. It should be to get you to aim your goals higher, to achieve more, to be "all that you can be". The reason for it being everywhere else is just jealousy. People like that are generally unhappy with something in their own life. My kids, will know healthy competition. If someone is better than them, then, I will show them how to master that skill, and over power them! But, if it is something that my child does not want to do, and is not interested in doing, I am not going to push them into it. Your right, things should be for fun, but they are not. The world, is full of unfairness. So, with teaching children healthy competition, you also have to teach them the other side. If someone wants to push them to their limits, they must know how to bring it! ;)

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