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MLB Playoff/World Series Predictions
Tuesday, October 2, 2007
ALDS Series ONE: Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox. (3-2 Boston Wins.)
Boston was the winner in the AL East and had a dog fight holding on to the lead in the finally games of the season.Los Angeles played really well all year and they have a great manager that know how to win. I think this is going to be a good series with Boston pulling it out narrowly.
ALDS Series Two: New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians. (3-1 New York Wins)
My brother is going to kill me on this one. Cleveland was won the division 2 weeks ago and it is hard to get the motor going again. I think Cleveland will take the first game at the Mistake by the lake, but the Yankees have more experience and that is what is going to help them win the series.
ALCS Series: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox's (4-2 New York Wins)
Yankees Vs Sox again. I know this one is getting old. I Believe this is the best rivalry in baseball. The Red Sox have really played bad down the stretch and the Yankees are playing like a team on a mission.
NLDS Series ONE: Colorado Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies (3-2 Colorado Wins)
Two of the hottest teams in baseball meet up in the first round. Colorado has not been to the playoff for 12 years. Philly came back from 7 games down to win the Division. Who has enough gas to win the series. I think Colorado will pull this one out in five, but all the game will be really close.
NLDS Series Two: Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (3-0 Chicago Wins)
If the cubs get there bats going and the pitching is really good. This could happen. Arizona has a young ball club. The Cubs of the Curse of the Goat and Steve Bartman. I feel the Cubs are going to sweeps the diamondback.
NLCS Series: Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs (4-2 Chicago Wins)
In 2003 the Cubs were 5 outs away from the world series. But that was a completely different team. This team has a Great Manager who does not believe in Curses and know how to use his pitching staff.

World Series: Chicago Cubs vs. New York Yankees
I have put the winners next to the prior games, but this is a toss up. Due I go for my Favorite team or do I go for the Lovable Losers?Both teams started out cold and got hot. Both Teams have Great Managers. So what do I do. I am going to have to go with the CUBS. My gut is telling me that it could be another 100 years before they get back. (4-3 CUBS WIN!!) Holy Cow!!

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posted by SportsDork36 @ 8:30 AM  
  • At October 4, 2007 at 11:18 AM, Anonymous cpapa said…

    I agree with everything you wrote so far...except...Picking the Cubs over the Yankees?

    You realize I'm going to have to disown you, right.

    Also, I will be turning your name into George Steinbrenner. I'm not sure what the penalty is, but you can bet it's going to be severe!

    Just kidding. I will be pulling for the cubs untill they get to the Series.

    However, the mistake Pinella made last night may stop that from ever becoming a reality anyway.

  • At October 6, 2007 at 2:22 PM, Blogger Sandman99 said…

    Completely wrong the Yanks are not going to get out of the first round they may get 1 win but I think they are going down in new york on sunday. Get out the broom they are gonna get swept in the Bronx

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