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Music that gets you Pumped up for the Big Game.
Saturday, September 15, 2007
As I sit here listening to some music it brought a thought to my mind. I see all these athletes out there wearing there headphones before the game. They are using the music to get there mind focused on what needs to be done on the field or even on the courts. When I get ready for a game of any type I am thinking about what music I want to listen too get me ready. It really depends on the mood I want to be in. If I want to go out there and have fun and be pumped I will listen to anything you can dance too. If I know that it is all about business I put on that makes me think about the task at hand. It could be anything, from Eminem to Metallica.

What is it that my fans out there listen to get themselves ready for the big game?

May the Force be with you!

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posted by SportsDork36 @ 2:48 AM  
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